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Border Patrol laptop searches vs. EFF
Jun 13, 09:25 AM



EFF to challenge the Border Patrol laptop searches. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is set to challenge the United States Border Patrol in order to stop laptop searches at crossings by BP agents. Laptop searches have turned up child porn users and distributors, kidnappers and the occasional reporter’s confidential source. The EFF’s big arguement is that laptops contain most of what a person considers to be confidential for themselves.

Dinarius always said, if you don’t what anyone to know about it ever don’t put it on the Internet. As far as whatever crazy fetishes or habits you have that are strange but legal, don’t worry. A judge was just caught with grossly peculiar entertainment on his public folder accesible on the Internet containing women made up as cows grazing and passing gas. Source.

The EFF hasn’t been in the news for a while and like any good company/organization, they do require some love from time to time. The worst thing of all is that their arguments for stopping searches are identical to Homeland Security’s arguements for continuing searches. Our vote: Keep searching. Source.

— Bryan Applegate



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