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MySpace 2.0 less chaos.
Jun 13, 08:35 AM



Myspace 2.0 redesign to order the chaos.Thanks to Caroline McCarthy of Webware, we have access to some images of L.A. based MySpace.com’s redesign that will make some order out of the absolute chaos that has driven normal people away from the site. After experiencing the clean and still moderately customizable Facebook and Hi5 (not so clean actually), MySpace, the Daddy of social networking websites, is positively disgusting.

It’s so scattered and malformed that productivity is next to impossible as browser borders and screen sizes and resolutions are all but ignored. I left MySpace long ago in favor of the less chaotic Facebook. The redesign of MySpace will bolster revenues and re-purpose ad spaces and draw those users over the age of 16 who previously left after so much got so ugly! Source.

— Bryan Applegate



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