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Jun 13, 08:23 AM



AP sues over story links 'hot news' law. The Associated Press is suing over links and the use of credited excerpts to news stories.Not even my Diverticulitis can stop me from opining about this terribly “bad-sport” behavior. And Diverticulitis hurts. There’s the Drudge Report and the Retort which functions like a DIGG or MIXX allowing any of the 8,500 users to submit a summary and link to a current news story. Often, news stories at the Drudge Retort gather up a hundred or more comments.

Rogers Cadenhead of WORKBENCH very correctly summarizes the following trend of Internet goers: “…sharing links to news stories of interest has become an essential component of how millions of people read and evaluate the news today. When linking to articles, bloggers commonly include excerpts of the article for the purposes of criticism or discussion. Some AP member sites encourage this kind of reuse.” Rogers fails to cite any member sites but notes that the AP is hounding Drudge Retort with Take-down notices for stories that came from FOX NEWS.com and USA Today which were written by AP. Source.

— Bryan Applegate



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