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Monster Truck vs Craigslist.
Apr 5, 11:56 AM



Monster.com truck vs Craigslist.org jobs. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that Monster.com is ordering their ad trucks to squat outside Craigslist offices blasting deafening music at key times of the day. In medieval times, attacking armies would rattle victim cities with similar tactics to bring on a bad night’s sleep basically. Monster.com is a job posting site that’s losing traffic to CraigsList.org Job Pages which are free.

The picture shows the driver of a Monster truck with his instructions in hand. CraigsList employees politely asked him to turn down the noise and he abashedly did. The instructions say, “For San Francisco the concept is that we want to make sure this address is on the loop drivers take … get a picture of the truck parked in front of the Craigslist address, that would be great.”


CraigsList Blog – Source.

— Bryan Applegate



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