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$10,000 Award for MacBook Hack.
Mar 28, 09:32 AM



Apple MacBook AiR owned hacked in 2 minutes. With each, new emerging technology emerge the people determined to defeat the code that lies at the heart of the toy. Charlie MILLER is a name that Apple Computers will soon be answering questions about. Ironic that Miller is a name implying one who breaks grains and resources down to their fundamental components as powder; Miller last year was the first to crack the software that powers the popular iPhone (really, you still don’t have one?)

In a contest this year at the CanSecWest security conference’s PWN 2 OWN hacking contest, programmers were pitted against a Sony Vaio, Fujitsu U810 and the MacBook. The target successfully broken into was also the prize the hacker would win. Importantly, all attempts to control the targets over a network failed. When organizers then allowed hackers to command contest organizers to visit sites or open e-mails, Miller’s hack was complete in about two minutes. Lesson:

User error remains the #1 success route for hackers. Phishing scams, spoofed webpages and the like should constantly be looked out for. Source.

— Bryan Applegate



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