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FBI Trouble: No Defense.
Mar 20, 10:05 AM



FBI raiding ip addresses. This is rather serious – The FBI is raiding homes with IP Addresses tapping explicit sting-sites. Judges aren’t accepting that unsecured wireless routers could mean someone else did it and your IP showed up. The source doesn’t examine the seriousness of this implication and the FBI post-raid evidence will certainly help to absolve or incriminate you.

The story is that the FBI set up real links to fake sites advertised as showing sexual acts with children. Any IP logged as visiting through any means was fair grounds for a subpeona and dawn raid. A judge said the following when one accused man argued for reasonable doubt:

But the magistrate judge ruled that even the possibilities of spoofing or other users of an open Wi-Fi connection “would not have negated a substantial basis for concluding that there was probable cause to believe that evidence of child pornography would be found on the premises to be searched.” Translated, that means the search warrant was valid.

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt,” means that there can be no question of guilt. The job of defence is to create those reasonable shadows of doubt – unsecured wi-fi routers abound. Entrapment certainly is no defence, but when not adding a password to your router joins the list and gets you even ONE night in a jail cell, it’s time to lock down your router, don’t share your password and call the EEF. Source.

— Bryan Applegate



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