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Birds Suffering CCD?
Mar 20, 09:59 AM



Female cardinal atop side mirror. Colony Collapse Disorder is the name given to the disappearance of millions of honey bees. Birds eat bees, especially lost and lonely bees, and an upsurge in birds attacking their reflections has occurred in the Northeastern USA. Pictured here is one such victim/attacker. A female cardinal sitting atop the side mirror that, daily and constantly, she attacks with head butts and beak pecks.

This ATF writer noted another female cardinal performing the same acts in a completely different location and asked for pictures to be sent in – surprising was the fact that this shows a female cardinal as well. Is there the beginning of some fungal infection working its way up the food chain or are female cardinals typically agressive? Got pictures?

— Bryan Applegate



  1. Where did u get that picture?

    Bebe · Mar 21, 01:13 PM · #

  2. Taken by a friend up north of an actual bird that’s doing this. This little guy is from D.C.

    BryanA. · Mar 22, 08:51 AM · #

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