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Eco-Friendly Computers.
Feb 26, 10:21 AM



Eco-friendly computers draw less power. Green computing is no joke. The device at the center of our lives draws more power than the television (in most cases) and sometimes, the washer and drier. That’s insane. Climbing up the list of one of my favorite websites is Ars Technica which did a story about Green Computers. The story covers low-power components that are readily available and the depth with which they’ve recently been covering stories and reporting is shockingly masterful and complete to me.

From low power hard drives and processors, to video cards and power supplies, the Green Computer can trim power consumption down to a tiny 130W which shames my central 750W “Doctor Computer” that’s used to network everything I’m fixing together. Processing power isn’t always a function of power consumption. Like green? Read the source.

— Bryan Applegate



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