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Dump the Telco! Dump the T!
Feb 20, 06:10 PM



Telco stocks are set to pluit making investment ripe later. I now wish I had a Boston T Party picture there. Dump the T! T is the ticker symbol for AT&T stock. Yesterday and today, AT&T’s Unlimited plan for $99 was barely breaking the surface of what’s news. Neglected source. This afternoon though, analysts were going bananas forecasting slower growth for the whole lot of Telco cell phone companies from Qwest to Sprint and Verizon. Source. It’s a bit like when airlines started doing war with each other and cutting prices to the point that we all thought airlines would go bankrupt and we’d have to travel by mule again like Stevenson.

Coincidentally, this Unlimited Service plan is nothing new to Metro PCS customers who call anytime anywhere to anyone day or night for one, flat rate provided they’re in Atlanta, South Florida or, most recently, New York. I preferred that to my damn $300 a month AT&T bill despite the shiny iPhone. A “wireless price war” might do consumers a great deal of good that’s been a long time coming. $300 a month for two phones and lots of limits.

— Bryan Applegate



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