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eBay sellers strike. Really?
Feb 20, 05:58 PM



Sellers strike eBay from 18 to 25FEB08Did you know that eBay sellers are on strike from 18 to 25th FEB08? Today is the first we’ve seen of it – we don’t sell on eBay. eBay item listings can hardly say to have slumped (A HREF=“http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/19/smbusiness/ebay_boycott_update.fsb/” target=“main”>source), but it seems that there are .5 million less items listed for sale than there were a week ago – that’s about 3.5% from 14.5 MILLION to 14 MILLION according to CNN Money.

The boycott/strike was called in to play by PowerSellers who make a living buying and selling on eBay. With eBay’s normal and seasonal ups and downs and the fact that this news hasn’t hit our eyes or feeders before today, it’s tough to tell whether or not the strike will have any effect or send a message to eBay bosses who changed the fee structure so insignificantly that you or I probably wouldn’t even have noticed. But that’s what strikes are for, aren’t they.

Strike enthusiasts like Nancy Baughman are hoping for a nearly 5 MILLION item listing drop before the end of the week.

— Bryan Applegate



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