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Feb 20, 12:16 PM



Newspaper boy. It’s almost too creepy to believe, the Dinarius Oracle strikes again. News on the Internet is buzzing with Internet News. There are a variety of great ways to get the news that you want if you still haven’t programmed your RSS reader to do it for you. Techmeme, SlashDot, DIGG, GoogleNews BETA and now, NewsPond. Just after Above The Fold from Dinarius came out with a video trial entitled, ATF Late Edition, the folks at Brightcove released a Whitepaper entitled, “5 Keys to Success with Internet TV.”


The Brightcove Whitepaper here, unless they block our link, states that a Pew Internet Survey lists News, Comedy, Music and Educational videos as rounding out the top THREE spots (tie at number three). Go figure. So yesterday, just after, “The Most Advanced News Site On The Planet,” was introduced (NewsPond, Dinarius purchased NEWSAboveTheFold .com and .net to bring you, once again, Today’sWorld – a morning video delivery mechanism of, “News you might hear here first,” which used to preceed the ever unpopular, TVDinar at YouTube. Do a search.

Honestly, the fact remains that an RSS feed right to your computer including feeds from your favorite sites REMAINS the best, most sure-fire way to get the news you want as quickly and easily as possible. And about the hype at NewsPond, Arrington provides a fantastic SLAP to the promotional goofiness surrounding the pond. Too bad it wasn’t in a video!

— Bryan Applegate



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