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LE Cell Phones bad again?
Feb 19, 02:01 AM




In Israel, 500 people who had a rare form of cancer of the salivary gland divulged that their use of cell phones was heavy. In simple terms, the salivary gland is your drool maker. That area is what feels the heat from a cell phone that gets hotter the longer you use it.

Interestingly, in rural areas where cell phones have to work harder to feel and get their signals out, the problem was more pronounced. The solution might or might not be to put your phone in your pocket and use ear phones – you might then pick your cancer like you pick your cell phone payment plan. Source.

The debate over whether or not cell phones promote cancer has been steady for years. Research into the new technology is having a tough time keeping up with the advancements and changes being made (BBC string):

March 1999, man claims brain damage from cell phone.
May 1999, Headway National Injuries Association urges health warning.
May 2000, research into cell phones ordered.
April 2002, New York Medical Center removes ear tumors from cell phone risks.
June 2002, scientists from Finland says overall health is affected.
January 2004, Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation in UK says cell phones are okay.
October 2004, Sweden’s Karolinska Institute found the risk of acoustic neuroma increases.
April 2005, cell phones are deemed brain-safe in a Danish study.

On and on this goes to today’s story that cell phones are, once again, bad.

— Bryan Applegate



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